Books first big payout!

It’s usually the first thing on every syllabus: The books. You look at the list and think “man, there’s a lot of reading in this class”. It isn’t until later in the bookstore that you realize the reading list is going to cost you upwards of $300 — and that’s just for biology 101; you still have 3 more classes!

Books are one of the biggest if not the biggest expense you will have in school, so important is this area that it can’t be contained to just one post so this will be just our first trip to the land of knowledge.

The most overlooked place for savings!

Ready because at first, you will not believe me! The best place to start looking for savings is the SCHOOL BOOKSTORE! I know goes against everything you have ever been told, right? Yet, the bookstore is where you will find the correct used books for your class to purchase or rent.

Don’t get somebody’s old books, maybe in the past that might have worked but today things change to fast, we get new information, and things are constantly being updated. You will find this even truer in any of the tech classes!

Book Rentals

That is correct I said rent you can rent your textbooks from the school bookstore for about a 3rd of the buying price. Do you use eBooks? Well, start, because you will for some classes anyways. However, you can for many titles rent the digital copy for half of the paper rental. So start with a $300 book and your final rental price could be $50 or less. Really how many times do you think you will go back to those textbooks?

So simply renting the eBook saves you in money not to mention your back it is a whole lot easier to carry those class books. The ones that I have rented allowed me to bring them up with multiple devices, always nice when traveling. Also, another great feature is, again for all the ones I have used, voice! Press the button, and you can sit back with a snack and a drink and listen to your chapters, try doing that with the hardcopy!

The library

Not the town library, though they will have some textbooks too, but the school library. Most now carry a limited supply of the current class textbooks and though you can’t take them out, you can use them all day while sitting at a school terminal at the campus library, while you are there go out to the school cafeteria and get yourself a latté. In fact want to score extra points, learn the librarian’s caffeine beverage of choice and bring one to them, never know when you may need a book set to the side just for you!

Remember too a good number of colleges now have several campuses and each may have a library, so spend some time learning your school. Which campuses are busier than others and what might be the best times for them.

Like everything in life the more effort, you put in the greater your reward!

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