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Get Course Credit Before Coming To College To Save Money Part2

The more college credit you enter college with, the less you’ll have to pay for college credit once you get there. If Advanced Placement (AP) credits aren’t a viable option for you, you might want to consider going to high school and college at the same time – often on the government’s dime.

Many states have official programs where you can enroll in college classes and receive both high school and college credits. Often these programs will pay for not only tuition, but also you course books, too! The best way to find out about these programs is to ask your high school counselor, but if he or she can’t help, keep hunting! Just because your counselor doesn’t know about these programs doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Try running an Internet search for “PSEO”, “Post secondary enrollment”, or even “going to college while in high school”.

With the advent of the Internet, many colleges offer online courses. This means college classes are now often available even in rural areas where they weren’t available before. Even if you can’t find a government program to officially pay for everything, sometimes you can work with the college to get a steep discount since you’re still in high school.

You will have to meet program entrance requirements and often you’ll be limited in the classes you can take, but free is better than paying. I know several people who have entered college with junior status because they did both high school and college courses at the same time.