Be The Designated Driver

Save Money By Volunteering To Be The Designated Driver

Like it or not, it seems that drinking is often a large part of the college experience. If you’re trying to save money, however, it’s an activity where you can see a lot of your money go to waste. Considering volunteering to take the permanent role of “designated driver”.

Think about it: How much does a single drink at a bar or restaurant cost? How often do people limit themselves to just one drink? Some (reasonably conservative) estimates say that the average college student that goes out on the weekends to drink can spend upwards of $200 a month just on alcohol. How long do you have to work to make that kind of money? (Don’t forget that the government will take its fair share in taxes long before you can go to the bar with it). Is it really worth it?

If the $200 a month alone isn’t enough to convince you, also consider that, even though alcohol is full of calories, it also stimulates the appetite. So, if you’re drinking you’re likely to spend even more money on food while you’re out and very well might gain weight in the process.

Do you still want to go out? Be the designated driver. Many bars and restaurants will let you drink soda and hang out all night with your friends for free. Some will even throw in appetizers if you like. Not only do you save the money, but you insure that both you and your friends will get safely home. That’s gotta be worth something.

If you want to be even more resourceful, you can actually make money by being the designated driver. Most of the time, the designated driver is the job that nobody wants and if that happens to be the case, you can volunteer to do it, but say only if you get paid. Most college students will be willing to part with a few bucks each to have a designated driver which means you’ll actually be earning a bit of money to be out with your friends.