Do not Sell Yourself

Today slavery has a negative connotation, but it seems we are willing to sell ourselves or sell our life away. Slaves to our spending habits and debt! This is really seen in the case of students.


Slavery by debt has continued to this day, and it is particularly evident in the plight of students. Graduates leave college with a diploma and a massive debt on their backs, averaging more than $37,000 in 2016. The government’s student loan portfolio now totals $1.37 trillion, making it the second highest consumer debt category, behind only mortgage debt. Student debt has risen nearly 164 percent in 25 years, while median wages have increased only 1.6 percent.

Unlike mortgage debt, student debt must be paid. Students cannot just turn in their diplomas and walk away, as homeowners can with their keys. Wages, unemployment benefits, tax refunds and even Social Security checks can be tapped to ensure repayment…

… but for many the jobs are not there or are not sufficient to meet expenses. Nearly one-third of borrowers today have made no headway in paying down their loans five years after leaving school…

ELLEN BROWN (Student Debt Slavery: Bankrolling Financiers on the Backs of the Young)

Reality Check

Of course, though most of us, including myself, need to use student loans too get the needed education. So how do we accomplish this task without putting our future in danger of never becoming what we want?

The Plan

Start with a plan, you may be young so speak with older ones you trust, yes older people. Why? Because they will have a better understanding of your area. Because unless your planning on moving to find that dream job you may never get it where you live! Supply and demand, just because you got that degree that says, “I can do this job” still does not mean you will get the job!

Step one pick your trade! It must have good demand in the area you want or going to live. You can have a Doctorate in philosophy but how many jobs in your area need that degree? 3, 4, maybe 0. It will do you no good. You’d be better with an AA in basket weaving. Don’t laugh one point in my life I was told by a hiring manager about a position I wanted, I already worked for the company, that I needed an AA. When I asked “in what”, his answer was “I don’t care if it’s in basket weaving as long as you have an AA”.

So, look around what is in demand, try to find 3 or 4 in-demand areas and consider each of them to see which one you would like the most. Yes, now look at what would keep your interest, you will need that interest to keep you doing well in your classes.

Finally College

With your trade of interest set, now start community college, yes community college! Forget the myths you’ve heard about. The education at a community college is comparable and in many ways, exceeds those of a four-year university. But most important it is Affordable!

Some advantages you can get from a community college. I put “can” because it is up to you and how you use the opportunities.


First and this goes for no matter the school you go to research your instructors, you want a good one for you. At a community college, the instructors are there because they want to teach, which is not always the case at a university. The good teacher for you part comes in here, some of them want to teach to the point they forget you have other classes. So be careful to get those kinds of teachers for your core classes and not extra required.

I made that mistake once, trying to read and write essays for this mandatory class made it difficult to find time to put toward my core class that was going to be my job. However, I did learn a great deal in the class!

Second is the diversity of students. Classes are small in community college and you can start your networking right here. Students come from all walks of life from just left high school to retire and want to pick up a class. This is a great chance to meet people that could help your future. You already have an in, your taking same class! Some of these people already work for the companies you want to get hired at and are rounding out their own abilities. Or retired from that company but still know many people, if they were well liked what a great recommendation. These are people from your community and in the same class, strong chance you will meet again, so build relationships.

Third the instructor. They live in the community and usually keep connections to companies of the cores they teach. Be friendly, show yourself a good student and that you enjoy the subject. Their recommendation goes father than the classroom!

Deal with Downsides

To be fair I will mention a couple of downsides, but again how you choose to handle them is how much the problem really will be. The big downside to community college is their funding so you may have to provide some things yourself that you would never need to at a university. However, even with this, it is still cheaper, and any major thing you buy will become something you will have as you are looking for a job.

The other downside is the stigma that comes from the myths. But are you here for the prestige of having a certain school on your resume or to get the education for your job market without selling out your future?  Also, companies look at where your last degree came from not the prerequisites, so take that AA or AS that was affordable and get your BS at that prestige’s university. You enjoy it more knowing those snotty classmates, paid 10 times the amount and still no further ahead. In fact, if you started your personal networking, you are ahead!

Enjoy the freedom of a financially responsible future.

Dedicated Student Security

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