GPA a Great Saver


For my first post to this site, thought we would talk about Grade Point Average. Yes, good grades lower your cost of that extra education you’re trying to get. Scholarships and grants are awarded on the bases of your GPA. That includes the basic FAFSA Pell Grant, subsidize, and unsubsidized loans. The best way for you to view your school work is as work and try to get the best grades possible. Now, they all have different GPA points they are looking for, but it’s really not that hard as long as you are not failing your classes, so you can have a good time and enjoy college life and still keep a good GPA.

FAFSA simply requires you keep a 2.0 GPA and this can cover the costs of many schools, however, want extra or don’t want to get loans at all, then GPA becomes more important.

Remember, if you do fail a class instead of trying to build your GPA with other classes, simply retake the class. This will affect your completion ratio, however, that is not looked at by many and the good GPA is far better than that learn to surf class you wanted as an elective. When you retake a class the old grade is tossed out, so not counted, and the passing grade replaces it so it is an immediate upgrade for your average.

If you do need to take other classes instead of retaking the class, go ahead and Google “GPA calculator” there are many out there and these will help you see how many classes you need to take as well as what you have to get for each class to bump up your GPA.

Free Money

Scholarships vary anywhere from 2.0 to 4.0, now we are talking a good deal of money per semester and don’t forget about disbursement, that is where the school pays out to you all the leftover money after tuition and books are removed.

This money is to be used for school, however, some things are how you wish to view them, computers are needed for school, you have to get to school so a good vehicle, hey that computer needs electricity so maybe you should pay the bill. Pretty much anything can be classified as needed for school with the noticeable exception of that weekend party, which you need to deal with yourself.

Basically, the better your GPA the more and greater dollar amount scholarships you can apply for and receive. Besides a good GPA also looks good on the resume. As a new College graduate if you can place a solid 3.0 or better GPA on your resume it tells the employer you’re a worker and a go-getter. Isn’t it, that good paying job you are trying to get to begin with?


If you are interested in checking out the different scholarships that are available, here is a link to an article that reviewed scholarship search platforms, I have used their #1 Fastweb, I found it easy to use and it also works if you need to do an internship within your program.

The Best Scholarship Search Platforms of 2017

Dedicated Student Security

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