The Students Point

Crying as students Financial Aid is signed away.

The Importance of planning to reduce costs for students has never been so high as it is right now, by what we have seen in the news this week.

Here are just a few headlines;

The CSU graduates with the most student debt

What 2017 meant for student loan borrowers

Student loan debt is a problem for everyone

More people than ever are defaulting on student loans — and it could put the US economy at risk

DeVos to reduce loan forgiveness for some defrauded students

And a few from the last couple of months

Trump to grant student loan servicing work to just one company

A Student Loan Nightmare: The Teacher in the Wrong Payment Plan

You and ME

What does this all to do with you or me? That depends on the future you want, not just for you but for everyone. You planning to enjoy the rest of your life or just the four or so years of college? Want to have family or friends be there with you, or all by yourself in a debt-free zone? Want to find your significant other, and live happily ever after? Not if they have student debt!

So how do we fix our future? Well for me it’ll be one person at a time. You are my next person to help! I enjoy helping those that come to my desk at the college where I work, but much more need help, so I write here to share my knowledge and any other website I believe will be helpful. As you can see I’ve just started writing for this site, yet I will work hard to keep you with useful content each week.

 Where Students need to start.

This is what we find;

From Experian’s analysis:

13.4 percent of U.S. consumers, spanning from the Silent Generation to Generation Z, have at least one student loan on file.

The average total student loan balance is $34,144.

The average number of student loans per person is 3.7.

Consumers with student loans have an average VantageScore credit score that is 25 points lower than the national average of 675. Experian did not address FICO credit scores.

(excerpt from Student Debt Soars: 5 Ways to Pay Off Your Loans Faster By Karla Bowsher)

Start by learning how your loans work. After reading the above article, and thinking about some of the common questions I get from some of my students, there is a great lack of understanding as to the basics.

Feed on This

These aforementioned facts aside the truth is that we need loans, perhaps to even survive while in school! We have to eat, have clothes, get to class, but we need to stop skipping the first step. We need to understand, then we can make the best choices!

So as someone who works in the financial aid office, come in and ask us questions? Most of us in these departments, think of it as more than a job. We want people to get an education. Nothing better than seeing someone we help, doing well for themselves.

Read, there are many websites with helpful tips on how to save money. Take full advantage of every program offered at your school. Search their website, and check student resources, learn all you can!

Ron Lieber summed up his article; “Which leaves just one more question: If this is who we are, is it who we actually want to be?” (A Student Loan Nightmare: The Teacher in the Wrong Payment Plan)

Who do you want to be? Someone that controls their future or one that is controlled?

Learning can have humor here is one more student link for you to check out.

Explains How College Loans Became So Evil

Dedicated Student Security

For anyone truly serious about gaining an education without becoming buried in debt, please go to the foundation. That which needs to be done really before starting any tips, tricks, or life hacks. The one item that helps build successful habits. No matter how you feel about it, every self-made financial success uses a – Budget! Those born into wealth, that keep it and grow it larger uses – Budgets! Most people do not realize their life is truly their business and needs to be controlled and watched like one to have a prosperous outcome. Please go to – The “B” word – post and build the underlying structure of your secure life.

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