Work while in School

Nowadays, it’s almost a foregone conclusion that you’re going to be working during college! However, with a little planning, you can maximize your earnings and time management while still in school.

Work Study!

This is the best opportunity for a young student and many overlook it! Work study can be far more than the pocket money for your coffee and PB&J. Though a good PB&J rocks! Sweet and filling dessert for a meal…

Make sure when you do your FAFSA you say YES, to the do you want to be considered for the Federal Work Study program. These are jobs at your school, most are relatively easy work, and usually, you can use downtime for your studies. You’ll work 15 to 29 hours per week at a pay rate higher than the minimum. Depending on the work there are mutable pay levels.

If things work out you might be able to get a work-study job in the area you are studying. To help do this keep your grades good, and get to know your instructor a little. Your instructor will be in the position to know of any student positions available, may even be the recommending lead. Now, you have access to the school’s equipment, time at work to study and gaining experience in your field of study.


I will not go into a lot of discussion on the importance of building your personal brand and networking for the job market that will be a post for another time. For now, trust me it is important, and here is a great opportunity. A work-study student lives between both worlds the student and the employee, you can go places regular students can’t. You have a greater access to staff, and the ability to find out about campus workshops.

Student Abilities

Cannot get into work study, do not fret there are other things to do to get that spending money. Have something to offer to other students, can you type? Know Microsoft Office? Good in math? Think outside the box and offer your talents to the other students, be an assistant, a tutor, you good looking be a model for the photo and art students. You an artist than an offer with design and layout of projects want to score big bucks, learn to write resumes, it is a specialty!

Part-time Work

If all else there is the odd jobs, but look for something that works with your schedule, and not to time demanding. Own a good car? Try one of the passenger driving apps. Check with the school and other bookstores they usually hire part-time during college schedule.


This is a hard area, many programs require you to get an internship, but paid ones are hard to get. Yet, it may be in your best interest to search for one even without pay if you are not in desperate need of money at first. Once you get your foot in the door, it becomes easier to start getting a paid position, or that first job after you have completed your program.

Try, try, try you will hear plenty of no’s in your life, but without trying you will never get a YES!

Dedicated Student Security

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